JavaScript in Internet Explorer 8


ええ話だなぁ。Selector API ってのはナイスだなぁ。

In all I'm positive about this release, even with all the ups-and-downs. Seeing features like querySelector, ARIA, and postMessage helps to warm my frosty, bitter, heart. While there's still some major faux-paus in this release (no new JS langauge features?, no W3C events?, no CSS3 selectors?) I think we can, at least, be excited to see what happens in the next beta.

しかも、あれですよ!。button タグのアホな仕様が直ったらしい。value 属性じゃなくて中身(innerText)を送っちゃうと言うあれ。それそれ、それが一番うれしかったり。